From the beginning of our existence, the Belarusian Solidarity Union Association has been helping emigrated Belarusians to keep in touch with everything that connects us with Belarus. A lot of members of the Association received our support and then organized and implemented their own initiatives and projects. During 3 years Belarusians in Wroclaw had the opportunity to observe and take part in educational and cultural programs, sports competitions or political manifestations.

Our organization always inspires and supports the Belarusians of Lower Silesia in their desire to make contacts and strengthen cooperation with local Belarusian and Polish communities. By preserving and spreading folk traditions the Belarusian Solidarity Union Association contributes to the formation and development of our national consciousness.

Nowadays, the following projects are active:
– solidarity manifestations;
– concert organization of Belarusian musicians (read more);
– Belarusian songs (read more);
– Belarusian school for children (read more);
– solidarity letters;
– Polish speaking club (read more);
– our media (read more);
– creative meetings with Belarusian writers, artists, politicians (read more);
– teenage meetings (read more);
– shelter for political prisoners and their families (read more).