Polish speaking club

Where: 35a Kościuszki str., 2nd floor, right to the red door.
When: every Tuesday, 19:00.
Number of participants: up to 15 people.
Registration: pre-registration in google form, you can apply here.
Cost: for free

We all know that every immigrant faces difficulties in adapting to a new country. One of the main obstacles in this way is the lack of knowledge of the local language. In order to create a comfortable life for Belarusians in Wroclaw faster, the activists of the Belarusian Solidarity Association organized a Polish speaking club. The first meeting took place in January 2023 and continues to this day. Everyone who is interested, who wants to get support in the first steps of learning or to improve their existing knowledge, regardless of age, environment and time spent in Poland – we invite you to join our сonversations!

We will be happy to help you gain confidence in using Polish and support each other during your studies.