Solidarity letters

Where: 35a Kościuszki str., 2nd floor, right to the red door.
When: Sunday, once a month (details in the announcements).
Number of participants: unlimited
Registration: without registration
Price: for free

We are writing the letters for Belarusians political prisoners We send our heroes great support from Belarusian Solidarity Association. These letters will be sent to political prisoners. Thanks to everyone who supports political prisoners.

Every month the Belarusian Solidarity Association organizes letter-writing meetings to Belarusian political prisoners. Anyone can write a letter to a political activist. Participants of the meetings are invited to congratulate the current political prisoners on their birthdays, upcoming holidays or send a personal letter to a friend. With the help of multi-colored cards, bright stickers, pleasant words and positive mood we can help our heroes face the hardships that have befallen them.

We invite all people who are not indifferent, those people who are still steadfastly resisting the Belarusian regime.

Our united power should be felt a thousand kilometers away!